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Effective Warm Ups Dr. Meghan Gearhart, PT

Now that competition season is in full swing, it’s a great time to review the importance an effective warm-up can have for keeping your dancer injury-free and performing their best.

Did you know… A good warm-up prepares the muscles, joints, heart, brain, nerves, eyes, AND inner ear. Talk about a full body warm-up!

I often hear dancers talk about their warm-up in terms of stretches – usually sitting or lying on the floor. The thing about a warm-up is that the body should be warm by the end and that happens through movement – not sitting still on the floor. A good warm-up means the body is prepared for what comes next. So, a warm-up for dancing a contemporary routine should look very different than a warm-up for a hip hop number.

Regardless of dance style, all warm-ups should have the same goals: gently mobilize the joints (all of them), dynamic stretching of large muscle groups (dynamic = moving), activation of small stabilizing muscle groups, stimulate and mobilize the nervous system, and increase the heart rate.

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Cheers to shining on stage this season